Keeping track of your applications in your Candidate Hub

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    ❓ What is the Application Tracker?

    It's a table with several columns (we call it a Kanban board) for tracking your offers that's personal to you and centralizes all your application data. It allows you to centralize all your job search events. It allows you to take notes during your interviews. And, of course, it lets you keep track of the jobs you save and apply to with Welcome to the Jungle. You also able to create cards for your applications outside the Welcome to the Jungle site! It’s a complete tool for tracking all your offers, whatever their origin.

    We'll show you how:

    - Go to Welcome to the Jungle
    - Log in
    - Click on your avatar in the top right-hand corner
    - Select the Application tracker button

    suivi candidature.gif


    🧸 Why use the Application Tracker ?

    The “Save” button helps you get organized. It lets you send all the offers of your choice in the left-hand column so you can come back to them at any time and dedicate time to each application you send out.

    gif suivi.gif


    – This tool allows you to centralize all your applications in one place, freeing up your brain's bandwidth. Thanks to application tracking, you'll remember that you've got an application in progress on Welcome to the Jungle, on Indeed, or with this company, and another in progress with that recruiter.

    To do this, simply click on "Add a job" to integrate application cards from outside the Welcome to the Jungle site and complete the information accordingly:

    Enregistrement de l’écran 2024-02-13 à 18.14.15.gif
    – This tool allows you to track each application so you can get organized, know when to relaunch a column, view your pending applications, etc.
    – The Application Tracker also allows you to take notes during interviews for each application/offer and save any information you feel is key to the application process.


    ⚠️ Please note!

    This tool is semi-automatic. This means that applications don't automatically move from the columns to the right. It's up to you to organize them and stay on top of them.

    When you post an application from Welcome to the Jungle to an external tool, the tool asks you if you wish to save the card in your application tracking. However, all subsequent actions are your responsibility.

    We won't know if the application has been viewed by a recruiter.