Discovering the products made in Welcome to the Jungle ⭐

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    💡 If you are curious about all our products this article is for you!


    1️⃣ Welcome to the Jungle

    The most popular product of Welcome To The Jungle is its job board and media. This is the website where companies present their companies and add their vacancies. It is also where we publish articles and videos for our candidates.


    👉 This article details the positioning of Welcome to the Jungle, and how it all started.


    2️⃣ Welcome to the Jungle Solutions ATS

    Welcome to the Jungle Solutions ATS is our ATS for recruiters. ATS stands for "Applicant Tracking System". It is a tool built to help them handle their applications, and create their offers.

    This tool was designed primarily for the benefit of candidates : it seeks to improve the candidate experience at every stage of the selection process and help companies build a brand that professional aspires to work for.


    💡 An overview of the tool for recruiters:



    3️⃣ Welcome Originals

    Our most recent product is almost a year old. It is an online multimedia content platform designed to enable us all to invest in ourselves and grow professionally at any point in our careers.

    The Welcome Originals subscription is a new learning experience, a content library that you can access at any time.


    💡 An overview of the platform:



    💡 In a few months, a newborn baby will appear 🐣, Welcome Home: we are excited to introduce it to you 🤩


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