Understand job offers on Welcome to the jungle💡

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    💡 If you are looking for a job and wondering how the jobs are written on our site, this article is for you!

    📜The structure of each job

    1- Job title and key information

    Each job displays key information in a first section: the type of contract, the location of the position, the salary (if provided by the company), and the remote policy:

    Capture d’écran 2024-03-15 à 17.08.08.png

    2- The Position

    This section gathers all the information related to the position. It is divided into 3 parts:

    • Job description: Here, you can better understand the key missions and expected actions, as well as the teams you will be working with. It's crucial to read this part carefully to understand if the position is suitable for you: Will you enjoy it? Does it align with what you're looking for?
    • Profile sought: You'll find the required skills for the position in question: past experience, skills, and values. When reading this part, ask yourself the right questions: Do you meet most of the requirements? Do you identify with this description?
    • Interview process: You'll find the recruitment process set up by the company: how many interviews will you need to undergo, what types of people and profiles will you encounter, what practical cases might you need to complete. Read this part carefully and familiarize yourself with the colleagues you might meet! It will put you at ease on the day of the interview 🙂

    ⚠️ In most cases, the language in which the job listing is written corresponds to the main language of the position. Therefore, you can write your application in the same language. If you find this unclear, don't hesitate to send your application in French (if the company is French) or in English (if you have doubts) and mention this uncertainty in your application!

    3- Learn more about the company

    At the bottom of the page, you have access to a last section that allows you to consult:

    • Employee interviews, who have a position related to the job listing you are viewing (same team, same department, etc.).
    • Questions and answers about the job listing.

    You also have access, on the right side of the page, to additional information about the company to have an overall understanding and to better envision yourself there.

    💡 Before applying to a job listing, make sure you have thoroughly checked the company's profile, watched team videos, and read and understood the job description!

    ✍️ Apply for a job

    To apply for a job , you can click on the yellow "Apply" button at the top or bottom of the page.

    Screenshot (12).png


    Screenshot (13).png

    Option 1: Apply via Welcome to the Jungle

    If clicking on the button opens the application form on the same page, you can send your application directly through Welcome to the Jungle! This means you'll find your application in your personal space, and you can track its status at any time 💪

    💡 In this case, you can contact and follow up with the company directly from your personal space, or by replying to one of the emails you received in your inbox.

    ⚠️ If clicking on "Apply" opens the login popup, it means you need to log in with your credentials or create an account on the site:

    Screenshot (17).png


    Option 2: Apply via an External Website

    If when you click on the "Apply" button, a small arrow appears on the button and a new page opens, it means that the company in question is using an external recruitment site, and you have left Welcome to the Jungle:

    back market en.gif


    ⚠️ In this second case, you won't be able to track the status of your application from your "My Applications" space since it was sent via another site. However, you can manually add it to the "Application tracking" section. This article explains how to do it.

    💡 To follow up with the company, you can reply to the confirmation email that you likely received in your inbox.


    👉 This article explains better how to apply for a job on Welcome to the Jungle !


    🆘 If you still have questions or doubts, you can contact us via the chat widget on the bottom right, or via our contact form at this link