Archiving your applications on Welcome to the Jungle πŸ—‘οΈ

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    πŸ’‘ If you have applied for many jobs, and you no longer wish to see them when you log into your space, then this article is for you!


    πŸ§™ Archive your applications

    You can archive your applications in a special folder in order not to see them anymore.

    πŸ’‘ This feature is interesting since you can always consult to them when in doubt.


    Here are the steps to archive an application:

    1. Go to your candidate workspace on Welcome to the Jungle
    2. Click on one of your applicationsUntitled__20_.png


         3. Click on the archive button



    πŸ‘‰ If you really want to delete your applications, this article shows you how to do it !


    ❌ Unarchive your applications

    If you have changed your mind, or if you have lost an application, don't panic 🌻... We have an answer for everything !

    1. Go to the archived section
    2. Click on the offer of your choice
    3. Click on unarchive



    Refresh your page, and see that your application came back πŸŽ‰


    πŸ†˜ If you still have questions or doubts, you can contact us via the chat widget on the bottom right, or via our contact form at this link