Can I edit an application? πŸ€•

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    πŸ’‘ If you made a spelling mistake, uploaded a wrong document or anything else and you would like to modify your application afterwards, we will explain you why it is not possible ☹️.


    ❓It is impossible to modify an application already sent

    Once the application has been submitted, it is created in a tool for recruiters called Welcome Kit, and the process is the same as for a letter, or an email : once it is sent, it can no longer be adjusted.

    ⚠️ Therefore, be sure to check that all the information on the application form is correct before clicking on "Apply".


    - If you realize that there is something the recruiter absolutely needs to know before reviewing your application, you can still write to him/her, by replying to the acknowledgement received within your candidate workspace. This way, the recruiter will have an additional notification to read in order to process your application.


    ❌ It is impossible to delete an application in a recruiter's space, to recreate a new one

    - If you have changed your mind and wish to delete your application, you cannot do it from your application space.

    However, you can contact the recruiter to inform him/her that you no longer wish your data to be kept by their company.


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