Having a hard time to connect? πŸ€•

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    πŸ’‘ If you forgot your password, and can't connect to your candidate workspace, this article is for you!

    πŸ”„ Reset your password

    Don't worry, you just have to click on "Forgot your password?" and then fill in your email address: with no capital letters!



    πŸ’‘ Try to connect through the "Linkedin connect"

    Maybe you do not remember but when you created your account it was through your Linkedin account? In this case, that is why you don't make it to connect and receive new password. You can just click on the button "Log in with LinkedIn".



    πŸ†˜ Troubles to reset your password?

    • Double-check that you’ve created your account with your specific email address.
    • Careful on any misspelling mistakes ⚠️ If you add a capital letter, special characters, or a space... You won't receive email since the address won't be read properly.
    • Check in your SPAMs if you have received any email from "contact@wttj.co"


    πŸ†˜ If youβ€˜ve checked all this, and still don't make it, you can contact us via the chat widget on the bottom right, or via our contact form at this link