Upload your CV on Welcome to the Jungle 📦

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    💡 If you are ready to apply and you want to upload your resume on Welcome to the Jungle, this article is for you!


    ⚠️ The first thing to know, very important: your resume, once uploaded on Welcome to the Jungle, is visible only to you! Recruiters do not have access to your personal data and documents, unless you send them your application. If you change your CV in your candidate area, it will not impact your past applications.


    Now that you understood this important point, we'll tell you more about how to upload your CV to the website, and how to find it later 💪


    1️⃣ Add the CV on your personal space

    After creating your account on Welcome to the Jungle, you can complete your personal information by clicking on the "Profile" tab in your Candidate Space:



    Once on the Profile tab, click on "My assets" tab on the left part of your screen.

    Here you will be able to upload your CV by clicking on the yellow button "Edit my assets":

    Save CV EN.gif


    This way, when you apply on Welcome to the Jungle, your resume will already be saved in the application form.


    ⚠️ Only PDF formats are accepted on our site. The size of the document should not exceed 5MB.


    2️⃣ Add the CV directly to an application form.

    If you want to create a custom resume for a specific job (highly recommended: you can read more in this article!), you can upload your resume directly to the application form:



    ⚠️ The same rule applies: only PDF formats are accepted on our site. The size of the document should not exceed 5MB.


    3️⃣ Find your CV and download it

    You sent your great resume via Welcome to the Jungle, but you can't find it in your computer anymore and you want to retrieve it? It's possible! 🎉

    Go to your account, in the "My assets" tab, and click on the download icon next to your CV:

    download cv.png


    And that's it! 💪


    🆘 If you have any other questions, you can contact us on the support widget at the bottom right, or on the contact form at this link