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    πŸ’‘ If you're wondering what cookies are for on our website, and you want to understand what happens when you accept, or reject them, then this article is for you!


    πŸͺ What are the cookies?

    The question everybody is asking.... But what exactly are the cookies? πŸ€”

    Cookies come in the form of text files, which are automatically saved by the browser on the hard drive when a visitor visits a website. They were created to improve and smoothen the experience of Internet users, and to allow websites to remember the passage of such user.

    ⚠️ Cookies are not malware or viruses, and they have a variable expiration date depending on the different websites.



    πŸ€” What are the cookies for at Welcome to the Jungle?

    When you arrive for the first time on Welcome to the Jungle, the small window above opens! By clicking on "I choose", you will have the opportunity to go into the details of our cookies and understand the purpose of each one:



    Analytical cookies allow us to know and understand the use and performance of our website, to establish statistics, volumes of users and use of the various elements of our website (articles read, navigation paths) allowing us to improve the UX of our media.

    ⚠️ These data are processed in compliance with our RGPD policy!


    😱 What if I don’t accept all cookies?

    You have every choice not to accept our cookies, or not to accept them all! And you will see that you can still use our website πŸ™‚

    It is nevertheless possible that some actions are made impossible for you : but you will be notified, and remember... nothing is forever!

    For example, by refusing Welcome to the Jungle cookies, you will not be able to view videos hosted by Youtube on our platform.

    By clicking on the "Accept cookie" button, you will be able to choose the cookies you wish to accept:



    πŸ‘‰ Psssst, if you want to know more about our privacy policy, it's this way!


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