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    πŸ’‘ If you've just landed on Welcome to the Jungle to search for your future job, or to discover the world of work through our articles and resources... You may want to know more about us and our mission! We explain it all in this article!


    πŸ§™ Our mission

    Our mission at Welcome to the Jungle is to change the world of employment and the way you search for a job, by providing you with all the information you need to discover the best companies and apply to the ones that interest you the most.

    In addition to more that 3,000 companies recruiting on Welcome to the Jungle, we've also created a media dedicated to employment to help you in your personal development, and to inspire you on a daily basis. We'll tell you more about everything you can do on our site by creating your account. Let's go!


    🀩 Find your dream company

    Finding the right company is not easy, we know: you have to find the right sector, the right size, the company culture that respects your values and ambitions.

    To make your search easier, we have organized the companies recruiting on Welcome to the Jungle by sector and size:



    By logging into your account, you can launch your search, and Follow the companies that interest you. With this feature, you will be notified when the company in question publishes a new job offer, or an event:



    πŸ‘‰ To learn more about the company pages that recruit on Welcome to the Jungle and all the information you can find on their profiles, you can check this article!


    πŸ’˜ Find your dream job

    Save searches

    You can browse thousands of jobs on Welcome to the Jungle, even when you're not logged into your account.

    To better navigate through this jungle, you can filter the jobs through a search bar that you can set up:



    Once you have chosen your search criteria, you can log in to your account to save your search and even receive alerts when new opportunities are online:



    πŸ‘‰ To learn more about how to save your job searches, you can check out this article!


    Apply and track applications

    Once you've found the right job, it's time to apply! To do so, you must be logged into your account. This way, your personal information will already be present in the application fields, and you will only have to complete your application with your CV and cover letter:



    πŸ‘‰ Some companies on Welcome to the Jungle recruit via their own external recruitment website: this means that when you click Apply, you are redirected to another site. We explain it all here.


    Complete your account

    When you log in to Welcome to the Jungle, you can add your personal information in the "Profile" section:

    Capture d’écran 2024-03-26 aΜ€ 14.16.08.png

    Here you can add :

    • Your personal data (gender, date of birth, location...)
    • Your contact information (phone, email, address...)
    • Your professional information (role, area of expertise, years of experience...)
    • Your Internet presence (social links)

    ⚠️ This information will only be visible to you! Recruiters cannot access your personal space, only the information you share when you send your application.


    πŸ’‘ In parallel, we'll soon be offering a feature enabling you to share your profile with the various companies present on our site! If you'd like to share your profile with recruiters when the feature is available, you can check this box on the "Profile" tab of your Applicant Area :

    Capture d’écran 2024-03-26 aΜ€ 14.22.15.png


    πŸ‘‰ To learn more about how your data is handled, you can check out this article.


    πŸ“– Personalize your media experience

    Welcome to the Jungle is not only a recruitment platform, but also, and more importantly, a media about work. On our Media page, you can find thousands of articles divided into different sections:



    You can browse through our contents, and, by logging into your account, save your articles and find them in your Favorites:



    ⚠️ One last but important note, in case you had any doubts 😊 Your candidate account at Welcome to the Jungle is and always will be free!


    πŸ‘‰ Got it all figured out? Then you can check out this article that best explains how to create your account!


    πŸ†˜ If you have any other questions, you can contact us on the support widget at the bottom right, or on the contact form at this link.