Can I save my application? πŸ’Ύ

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    πŸ’‘ If you've found the job of your dreams, and you want to take your time applying, we give you the best techniques to not lose your application in this article!

    That's it, you've found the perfect offer for you, except... You're on the subway, and you can't apply right away.

    ❌ We'll stop the suspense right now: you can't save an application you've started.

    πŸ’‘ Tip #1

    When you see an offer that interests you, and that you want to apply to with the utmost seriousness, save it to pick it up again when you're calm, and prepare it carefully.

    πŸ‘‰ In this article we explain you how to save the offers thanks to your personal account!

    πŸ’‘ Tip #2

    Don't start writing your responses right away! It is not possible to start an application, save it and resume it later.

    In fact when you find your dream job and are about to apply you are advised to proceed quickly! You should not spend three days looking at the first question to write a good answer and come back to it later! Let's not forget that we are in a jungle 😁

    • Soak up the questions, and elements asked; and think hard about what you're going to tell.
    • Plan to sit down quickly in silence to make the perfect application.
    • Take your time, but not too much time to submit your application. If this is the job for you, it can be the job of many others!

    But be warned, we see you coming: quickly doesn't mean rushed!

    πŸ’‘ Tip #3

    Just like no one is perfect, neither is the internet! We advise you to work on your answers and cover letters outside of your candidate space, on an offline document, to keep track of them in case of a bug, disconnection, or power outage!

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